Campera Outlet Shopping – Carregado, Portugal

  Campera Outlet Shopping – Carregado, Portugal Campera Outlet Shopping – Carregado, Portugal


Development Planning, Leasing and Operational Management

Lordland in conjunction with its subsidiary Lordland Europe Ltd were appointed in April 2007 by the bond holder, Banco Espírito Santo, to turn around the underperforming asset and restore the capital value to exceed the debt. Following the review of this operation it was recommended, and approved by the client, that new management staff would be employed to deliver the Business Plan prepared by Lordland. The Business Plan included the extension of the centre to include a premium supermarket and big box retailer of electrical products to fill the merchandise gap in the market. Existing retailers were subject to operational review and a program of assisting the weaker performers with merchandise and marketing strategies was implemented. Changes were also made to the tenant mix with new lettings to brands popular in the local catchment. At the successful completion of this process in March 2010 the bank was able to sell this asset at a substantial profit.

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