The Tyger Valley Centre

The Tyger Valley Centre The Tyger Valley Centre

KEY FUNCTIONS PERFORMED: Development Management, Leasing, Marketing and Operational Management

The Tyger Valley Centre was developed by Monex Developments on behalf of the co-owners, Eskom Pension & Provident Fund (now Pareto Ltd), Metropolitan Life Ltd and the Mobil Pension Fund (now Engen Pension Fund). At that time the founding partners of Lordland Property Holdings were employed by Monex and played a crucial part in the development planning, leasing, post opening marketing and management.

The centre opened in August 1985 and comprised of a GLA of 44,000 sqm of space including an 8 screen cinema, restaurants and 120 retail units. The scheme had the first purpose built promotions court in the country and has been used to host many regional and national events. The management strategy for this centre was unique for the time in that amongst other things it introduced the concepts of Sunday Trading and the effective management of Turnover Rental based leases into the regional shopping centre. In October 1986 Steven Hassel and Trevor Blow formed Lordland Property Holdings and this company was appointed the managing agent from that date on. They continued to develop more "partnership" based management techniques to the landlord and tenant relationship and which practices have now become industry norm.

The centre was extended in 1992 increasing the GLA to 57,000 sqm and the number of tenants 185. The centre was further extended in 1995 to a GLA of 73,000 sqm and 210 tenants along with the first of the covered parking garages. In each of these instances Lordland acted for the co-owners as development and leasing agents. Lordland ceased to be the managing agent for the centre in September 1997 as its commitments were extended into the UK.

The co-owners have subsequently re-furbished the centre in 2000 and extended it to 81,000 sqm in 2002 with 5,100 parking bays. This centre is regarded as the most successful in the Western Cape Province.

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